About Us

We’re here to connect you with this rural community

Have you been to Japan a few times already? If so, we’re sure that you’ve visited Kyoto and Osaka. Those cities are lively and stimulating, but would you like to see a different, quiet and relaxing side of Japan on your next visit? Would you enjoy a chance to meet the locals that live in rural areas, get to know them, and try cooking and eating dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients? We would like to offer some fresh ideas, and travel plans that you may not have considered.


Our Organization

We are a government-based rural tourism organization that can help you plan off-the-beaten-track tours in Japan’s Nara and Mie Prefectures. The area we cover lies across the borders of Nara and Mie: Nabari City, Uda City, Mitsue Village, Soni Village, Yamazoe Village, and Higashi Yoshino Village. We call this region East Nara & Nabari, or ENN.

We arrange cultural experience programs like the following, as well as provide information about the region on this website.

  • Guided trekking tours
  • Tour planning
  • Guest house booking arrangements
  • Cooking programs that use locally-sourced ingredients
  • Cultural programs such as “Kumihimo” Iga braiding workshops, and “Kyogen” (traditional Japanese comic theater) experiences.
  • School trips

*More program information and reviews will be posted soon.

Organization Data

Higashi Nara Nabari Tourism Marketing consists of:
Nabari city (Mie Pref.), Uda City (Nara Pref.), Soni Village (Nara Pref.), Mitsue Village (Nara Pref.), Yamazoe Village (Nara Pref.) and Higashi-Yoshino Village (Nara Pref.)

Nabari City Hall 4th floor
1-1 Konodai, Nabari-shi, Mie-ken 518-0492 Japan

Feel free to contact us for any further assistance