Floor-wiping race in Mitsue Village

Every Japanese has their own memories about zokin-gake

What is zokin-gake?

Zokin is a Japanese word for floor cloth. Zokin-gake means to wipe with cloth. Some of you might know that, in Japan, kids have to clean their classrooms and hallways on their own at school. That is considered as part of education in Japan. It's mandatory, so every Japanese adult remembers that they wiped floors with wet cloth mostly reluctantly, but sometimes having fun racing friends—it's something nostalgic.

Now the race is held in Mitsue Village every autumn. The venue is an actual school building, which used to be an elementary school. Each participant makes a dash from one end of the hallway for the other, sweeping off the 101-meter-long floor with a zokin to win the race.

On the day of the event, there are vendors and markets selling delicious food and local produce.

Held usually in October, at Mitsue Taiken Koryu Kan (Map below)

If you want to participate in the race, please contact us.