Don’t just see Japan- live it, with one of our culture experiences.

Make sure your trip to Japan includes the opportunity to experience traditional culture, up close and personal! With ENN Tourism, you can try tea ceremony, flower arrangement,  dressing in a traditional kimono, and more!

ENN Tourism is proud to announce a new offer for guests: culture experience classes. This is a rare chance for you to have the culture experience you’ve been searching for- all classes are taught by experts and have no more than four students. (Of course, we can accommodate larger groups if you have a larger party.)

The courses are intimate, affordable and atmospheric- not like the overpriced attractions in larger tourism centers.

Each class is three hours long. We offer a morning session beginning at 9 AM, and an afternoon session beginning at 1 PM. We will meet you at Nabari Station and bring you to the instruction area.

Classes include:

  • Kimono Experience. How to wear and model kimono, complete with plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Noh Theater. An interactive introduction to Japan’s classic music drama, popularized in the 14th century.
  • Iaido. The Japanese katana martial art emphasizing awareness and ability to respond quickly to sudden attacks.
  • Kado. Japan’s unique, sophisticated flower arrangement.
  • Sado. Japanese tea ceremony. Learn to share this one moment with your guest, for true harmony.
  • Iga Braid. A regional, traditional art used for sashes of women’s kimono, bracelets and straps.
  • Washoku. Japanese traditional cooking.

Contact us for more information.