English Conversation Workshop – Summer 2019

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We are looking for English conversation partners

We are planning an English conversation workshop, where Japanese and foreign people meet and chat in English. By learning Enlish and sharing cultures in this workshop, we aim to making our area more attractive to people from abroad.

We are currently looking for someone like you, who is interested in talking with local people. If you could join one or more of the following sessions as a conversation partner, please contact us from here with your email address. We will let you know the detals.

Yamazoe Session

Sunday, June 30
2 pm – 5 pm (workshop starts at 3 pm)
Forest Science Museum (森林科学館/Shinrin Kagaku Kan)

Nabari Sessions

Sunday, July 7 & Sunday July 21
4 pm – 7 pm (workshop starts at 5 pm)
Restaurant Arch (森のレストランアーチ)

Uda Sessions

Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 28
2 pm – 5 pm (workshop starts at 3 pm)
Maple Park Hirara (カエデの郷「ひらら」)

Soni Session

Sunday, August 18
2 pm – 5 pm (workshop starts at 3 pm)
Urushi Base Soni NEN RIN


Mitsue Session

Sunday, August 25

2 pm – 5 pm (workshop starts at 3 pm)
Mitsue Village Office


Higashiyoshino Session

Sunday, September 1

2 pm – 5 pm (workshop starts at 3 pm)
Higashiyoshino Village Office

If you are interested, please contact here