Atago Fire Festival & Nabari River Fireworks

Atago Fire Festival

Atago Fire Festival is a Shinto ritual, which has been taking place at Atago Shrine for about 100 years to pray for fire prevention. On the same night, about 5,000 fireworks are shot in the sky of Nabari City.

Atago Shrine enshrines Kagutsuchi , the god of fire. Carrying lit torches, the participants dressed in white Shinto costumes parade through the streets and cross the Nabari River to the shrine. When they finished crossing the river, the fireworks start to launch.

The festivals are held on the Saturday closest after July 24th.

Atago Fire Festival
Date: July 29th, 2023
Venue: Atago Shrine (See map below. There are more than 1 Atago Shrines in town)
Firework Show
Date & Time: July 29th, 2023. Starts at 8 pm (In case of stormy weather, the event will be postponed to the 30th.)
Venue: Riverbank of Nabari River in the Shinmachi (新町) area (near the Atago Shrine)
Link: Nabari Tourism Guide (in Japanese)

Atago Fire Festival

Fireworks in Nabari

Atago Shrine = 愛宕神社 / Nabari River = 名張川