Where is East Nara & Nabari, and how can I get there?

ENN lies across the borders of Nara and Mie: Nabari City, Uda City, Mitsue Village, Soni Village, Yamazoe Village and Higashi Yoshino Village.
Most of the destinations in this region are about a 1 – 2 hour drive from Osaka, so a road trip by car is likely the best way to access the area. You can rent a car at a major station in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. If you use public transportation from one of the major cities, your best base stations are Nabari (名張) or Haibara (榛原). From there, you can join tours or take buses to various destinations in the region. (Please note that some of the spots are not accessible by public transport.)

The fastest way to get to Haibara or Nabari

To get to Nabari or Haibara, the Kintetsu Limited Express trains are the most convenient and easiest mode of transportation. Please note that you will need a Limited Express ticket in addition to a regular ticket. For local and express train information, please check the Kintetsu Railways official website.

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