How to Get to East Nara Nabari

Where is East Nara & Nabari?

East Nara Nabari or ENN lies across the borders of Nara and Mie: Nabari City, Uda City, Soni Village, Mitsue Village, Yamazoe Village, and Higashiyoshino Village.

How do I get there?

By Car

Most of the destinations in the ENN area are about a 1 to 2-hour drive from Osaka, Kyoto, or Nara City. Take Nishi-Meihan Expressway onto Meihan Expressway or take Route 165. If you access from Nagoya, take Higashi-Meihan onto Meihan Expressway or Route 165. (Download the route map here)

By Train

Nabari or Haibara is the base station to travel around the area. To get to either station, taking the Kintetsu Limited Express is the easiest, most convenient, and most comfortable. The trains depart at Osaka (Osaka-Namba, Uehonmachi, Tsuruhashi), Kyoto, Nara (Kintetsu Nara), and Nagoya. Please note that you will need a Limited Express ticket in addition to the base fare. For those who do not want to spend extra, you can take the express train (not “limited”). For the train information, please check the Kintetsu Railways official website.

Accessible destinations from Nabari station by public transport
Accessible destinations from Haibara station by public transport
Car rentals near Nabari Station

Access by Kintetsu

By Bus

Some attractions in Yamazoe Village can be accessible by bus. Take a highway bus (kosoku bus) and transfer to a local bus.

From Osaka for Iga-Ueno (highway bus)

Shin-Osaka North Exit Osaka Station (Higashi-Umeda Station) Hari I.C. Kokudo Yamazoe Ueno-shi Station

Take Ninja Liner from Shin-Osaka Station (Available only on weekends and holidays. Check the timetable here , and the bus fares here ). Get off at Kokudo Yamazoe and use the Yamazoe sightseeing bus service (¥100+service fee, reservation required). Contact us for booking.


From Nagoya for Nara (highway bus)

Meitetsu Bus Center Yamato Kogen Yamazoe Yamato Kogen Tsuge (Hari I.C.) Kintetsu Nara Station JR Nara Station

Take Highway Express Bus from Meitetsu Bus Center #8 near Nagoya Station (timetable & fares ). Get off at Yamato Kogen Yamazoe (=Kokudo Yamazoe) and use the Yamazoe sightseeing bus service (¥100+service fee, reservation required). Contact us for booking.


From Nara (local bus)

JR Nara Station East Exit Kintetsu Nara Station Todaiji Daibutsuden Kasugataisha-Omotesando Ohashi Kitano

Take Bus #124 from JR Nara Station East Exit. Get off at Ohashi or Kitano.


Accessible Destinations in Yamazoe Village by bus:


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Because some people ask about the temple symbol… Here is the answer: In many western countries, the symbol reminds of negative meaning, but in Japan, it does not carry this meaning. It has a much older tradition and has been used as a map legend to indicate a Buddist temple.


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