Boken no Mori Yamazoe

Closed from January 18 - Februrary 31, 2021

Yamazoe, a small village with rustic forests and yet good access from a major highway, is a perfect destination for those who love outdoor activities.
As the name “Boken no Mori”––which means forest of adventure––shows, this is a park where you can experience treetop adventures in a natural forest. You move from one tree to another by rope-coursing and zip-lining. There are two difficulty levels, so families with kids (5 years and older/over 110cm tall) can enjoy the forest adventure too.

Boken no Mori / 冒険の森


Reservation required (online reservation available only in Japanese on the official site) .
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1680 Mikadani, Yamazoe Village, Yamabe-gun, Nara Prefecture

Get off at Konoguchi exit of Meihan National Highway and drive 2 minutes.
Car GPS: enter this phone number 07056554010

2,000 yen - 6,000 yen (including insurance)

Boken no Mori Yamazoe official website (JP)

Boken no Mori Yamazoe = 冒険の森 やまぞえ