Don’t miss the mystical illumination at Akame 48 Waterfalls

Akame 48 Waterfalls Bamboo Lantern Illumination

Akame 48 Waterfalls, a scenic spot in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture, is a valley with beautiful clear streams where you can enjoy nature to the fullest. The area is popular with men and women of all ages, whether to take a challenging hiking trail or have a quick picnic. Now that it is the autumn foliage season, the maple trees and wild cherry trees are coloring the valley fiery red and providing a spectacular view together with the waterfalls.

Akame Valley during the daytime

Although Akame 48 Waterfalls is known as a daytime hiking trail, an illumination event is held at night only in autumn and winter! Now I’ll write about when I went to see the illumination. I hope my post helps when you visit the venue.

The Illuminated Akame 48 Waterfalls, a Must-see!


Artisan-designed lanterns cast a soft light along the valley trail, creating a truly magical, elegant atmosphere at night.

Bamboo Lanterns

The bamboo lanterns that brighten the riverside, falls and forest of Akame are artworks designed by drilling holes in bamboo, then electric bulbs are expertly placed inside each length of bamboo. About 1,500 bamboo lanterns cast a dim, gentle glow through the ravine.

These lanterns installed at the venue are made from bamboo harvested from abandoned bamboo stands in Nabari. This is part of “Nabari SDGs* Project” to help preserve the local environment.

*Sustainable Development Goals

Free Parking After 4:30 PM!

Driving through the path at night, I first had to look for a parking spot.

I found out that some parking lots are free after 4:30 pm! The parking lot near the public restrooms and Uedaya (上田屋, cafe and souvenir shop) is convenient (see map at the bottom of this page), and it’s close to the venue.

Let’s Start from ‘Forest Area’


This year, Akame 48 Waterfalls Bamboo Lantern Illumination has expanded its area; “Forest Area” has been added! The entrance is just a short walk from the parking lot, and it leads you to the Japan Salamander Center, where the main gate is.

Forest Area

As you climb the stairs to the forest, you will see bamboo lights of various sizes lined up in the woods. The flickering bamboo lights blend with the trees in the forest, creating a fantastic scene. This little area raises expectations for the main site! You can take your time to look at these beautifully crafted bamboo lanterns on your way back as well as on your way to the main venue, as this Forest Area is also accessible from the exit side.

‘Ravine Area,’ the Main Illumination

The main illumination runs from the Japan Salamander Center to Fudo Falls (不動滝). If you don't have a ticket, you can buy one at the counter at the Japan Salamander Center.

You get to pass through the Salamander Center and check out the tanks of salamanders to access the main illumination.

To the main venue

Bamboo lamps along the promenade create a fantastic, warm atmosphere along the stream.

When I hiked there in the daytime, I was skeptical that I would be able to walk there at night, as I was sure it would get completely dark. However, it turned out I didn’t have to worry at all: the paths were lit up enough to follow. They are also well-maintained and easy to walk along, so don’t be nervous and enjoy!

It was around 5:00 pm when I visited, and the darker it got, the more vividly the lanterns stood out.

Near Raija Falls

Near Reija Falls (霊蛇滝) at the end of the promenade, stands a bamboo engraved with the words “赤目四十八滝,” which means ”Akame 48 Waterfalls”. You will be amazed by the level of detail in the work.

Bamboo lanterns that look like waterfalls

As you proceed, you will find countless bamboo lanterns that look like waterfalls themselves, throughout the gorge.

Tacky, the Akame 48 Falls mascot

Look, I found “Tacky,” the mascot of Akame Falls, on a lantern! It was so cute that I couldn't help but smile.

Illuminated Fudo Falls

After climbing up the hill, you get to Fudo Falls.

The small bamboo lanterns lining the bridge gave such a fascinating effect. The dimly visible Fudo Falls and the sound of the clear stream created an exceptional atmosphere. There are many photogenic spots, so be sure to take pictures from different places and angles.

Now You Want to Visit Akame 48 Falls to See the Illumination?

Akame 48 Waterfalls Bamboo Lantern Illumination

I have introduced Akame 48 Waterfalls Bamboo Lantern Illumination, a special autumn-winter event.

Don’t miss the fantastic sight of Akame 48 Waterfalls wrapped in the warm light of bamboo lanterns after dusk. It can only be experienced at night! Listening to the sound of the streams and bathing in the glimmering light from the bamboo lanterns will make you forget about your busy everyday life. The lights glow more beautifully and vividly in the cold weather. The air at Akame 48 Waterfalls is crisp. Savor this exotic atmosphere, which is so different from the lights in the city.

I recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes as some of the paths go up and down, although most of them are well-maintained. It gets cold at night, so make sure you prepare warm clothes.

Akame 48 Waterfalls Bamboo Lantern Illumination
Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021 through until Monday, January 31, 2022 (Closed from December 28, 2021 to January 2, 2022.)
Hours: 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Fees: Adult 600 yen, Child 300 yen
- The fee includes the trail entrance fee (500 yen for adults, 250 yen for children).
- If you keep your entrance ticket for earlier in the day, you only pay the difference (100 yen for adults and 50 yen for children) to view the illumination.
Venue: Akame 48 Waterfalls
More information:Akame 48 Waterfalls Bamboo Lantern Illumination 2021