Cool and Refreshing! Shower Climbing at Akame 48 Falls

I'm not an athletic type but I tried shower climbing

It's melting hot every day! It was so hot that I was searching for something that would cool down the heat on the net. Then I found this Shower Climbing Tour in Nabari city. So I booked right away.

I'm sure you've heard of shower climbing. It's called "Sawanobori (沢登り)" in Japanese—you move and swim in the river against the stream, and climb the waterfalls. The activity surrounded by beautiful trees and the water feels like you are a part of nature.

This shower climbing tour in Nabari is a guided tour taken place at Akame 48 Waterfalls. I was told to bring a bathing suit to wear under a wetsuit, so I brought my favorite one (even though I didn't have a chance to show it).


The tour

Akame 48 Falls are popular among photography lovers

The participants assemble at "Akame Visitor Center" by 9 am. The center is located on the way to the entrance of Akame 48 Waterfalls trails. They rent wetsuits and water shoes of your size. All you do is you change to those, and you're ready to go.

Akame Visitor Center

After we changed, we spent a little time before departure in the center looking at brochures about the area. Then we got into the car and headed to where the river was, looking at green rice fields from the car window, along a country road, and through a tunnel, for about half an hour. The 30 minute drive felt very short to me, as our tour guide's talk was witty and interesting.

When we arrived at the river, we put on a helmet, life jacket, and gloves. While doing some stretch, we listened carefully to the guide giving us tips and advice.

The adventure starts!

Now let's go!

The water was cold and it felt good. With a lot of rocks on the riverbed, it was just like a natural obstacle course. Although the stream wasn't so fast, the rocks kept me from walking straight. I headed slowly from rock to rock.

It might have been okay to fall down but I didn't want to take a risk—I am not married yet! On the other hand, the other participants, fathers and children, were so brave that they climbed smoothly.


I found a wooden bar on the way. The guide told me to hang onto it so that I could become like a roast pig. And I did, with a little help from him. It must have been hard and heavy for him, as he supported the entire weight of me. Sorry.

My hands started trembling. Time for the last activity—a small dive.

By the time I got very exhausted and starved, I finally reached to the last falls. I found the falls artificial, because the fall bed was not rough. Standing under the waterfall washed all the sweat away. It was also perfect for Instagram.

By the way, I experienced some difficult places. But thanks to the life jacket, it was no problem.

I had so much fun

We drove back to the meeting point. I had a good time talking with the other participants in the car, sharing the same experiences we just had. 

If you start the tour at 9 am, it ends around noon. It's a good time to have lunch at one of the diners around the visitor center. It might also be a good idea to soak in a hot spring nearby. That means you can enjoy both cold and hot water.

The shower climbing tour is exclusive during the summertime. It is so refreshing that you forget about the heat. The exercise level is not very hard, which everyone including kids and female participants can enjoy.

Difficulty: ★★☆☆
Hidden level:★★★☆

Interested? Go to the tour information page for more details about the tour, or contact us for any assistance.