Ogawa Festival

Ogawa Festival is one of the biggest events in Higashiyoshino Village. Every summer, people start to anticipate and prepare for the festival that is held in October.

The festival starts when eight drum floats called taikodai gather at Niu-Kawakami Shrine. With four boys on each drum float, watching groups of men chanting and carrying the floats is the most exciting part of the festival.

Another mystic part of the festival is that the boys on the floats are not supposed to put their feet on the ground throughout the festival, as they are considered as messengers of God.

Come to see one of the most exciting autumn festivals at one of the most historic shrines.

The festival is held in October.

Niu-Kawakami Shine (Middle shrine)


  • Exit Nishi-Meihan Expressway at Tenri (天理), take R169 toward Sakurai (桜井), turn left onto R165 toward Ouda (大宇陀), and then take R166 toward Higashiyoshino.
  • Exit Meihan National Highway at Hari (針), take R369 toward Haibara (榛原), then onto R370 toward Ouda (大宇陀). Then take R166 toward Higashiyoshino.

From Higashiyoshino, take Prefectural road 16 or 220 to get to the shrine.

Park your car at Higashiyoshino Camping Ground parking lot

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