Aoba no Taki Waterfall

Aoba no Taki / 青葉の滝

This mysterious waterfall cascades from a forest behind Seiyo-ji Temple in Uda City, which had long been a place for ascetics to train. Meaning “Green Leaf Falls,” The name “Aoba no Taki” comes from the legendary green bamboo leaf flute that Taira no Kiyomori, an ancient warrior, carried during the historic battle. It is believed that the flute was made from the bamboo that grew here.

This is a sacred place. Please observe good manners; do not swim, eat, or smoke on the premises.

Haibara-Nizaka, Uda City, Nara Prefecture

A few spots are available at Seiyo-ji Temple. Please notify them when you park.

Public Transport
20 minutes walk from Kintetsu Sanbonmatsu Station

Aoba no Taki = 青葉の滝 / Seiyo-ji = 青葉寺