Lake Nunome

Nunome Lake / 布目湖

Lake Nunome, with its dam, lies across the border of Yamazoe Village and Nara City. You can appreciate the magnificent seasonal views of the lake and the mountains from the lakeshore. It is also known as a place for outdoor recreation such as fishing* and cycling. Tour of Japan, a professional cycling stage race, goes through Yamazoe Village, a part of East Nara Nabari (Nara Stage).
*Fishing ticket needed

869-2 Kitanoyama-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture (Nunome Dam administration office)

Public transport
Take a bus bound for Yamazoe (山添) at JR/Kintetsu Nara Station and get off at Ohashi (大橋)

Wanpaku Zoo
Nunome no Sato
Tourist spots information by Japan Water Agency

Lake Nunome = 布目湖