Yabashira Shrine (Iwaya, Yamazoe)

 Yabashira Shrine at Iwaya, Yamazoe

It is said that Junkei Tsutsui, a feudal lord from Yamato Province, stopped by this shrine before he attacked Iga Province during a war led by the Oda Army. He is believed to have purified himself at the waterfall here and prayed for victory by placing a spear on the tree in front of the oratory.

Waterfall at Yabashira Shrine
Statues of Fudo Myoo, or Acala are enshrined on the right

772 Iwaya, Yamazoe Village, Yamabe-gun Nara Prefecture

No parking lot

 Yabashira Shrine at Iwaya, Yamazoe = 八柱神社(山添岩屋)