Maruyama Park

More than 100 wild mountain cherry trees


Positioned at a somewhat high elevation, Maruyama Park is the ideal spot for cherry blossom viewing in Mitsue Village - filled with more than 100 yama-zakura (wild mountain cherry) trees bursting with buds in springtime. Many of these stately trees are large and some are over 100 years old. The prime season for viewing is the middle to end of April.

Fireflies are another highlight of the park, emerging during the rainy season and providing a rare and mysterious sight enjoyed by local families.

Autumn brings a dramatic transformation in color thanks to the magnificent seasonal leaves.

Maruyama Park = 丸山公園
Maruyama Park
3599 Kōzue, Mitsue Village, Uda-gun, Nara Prefecture
Seasons: Mid to late April (cherry blossoms)