Staying Overnight at an Old Schoolhouse

‘Hirara’ Now Offers an Overnight Stay Package

World Maple Park ‘Hirara’ is a unique facility that used to be an elementary school. The adjoining cafe is popular especially among the local people during lunchtime.  What makes this place more interesting is that its retro atmosphere attracts many cosplayers for photoshoots. But it has all happened during the daytime.

The good news is: Now that a guesthouse opened, you can enjoy ‘Hirara’ at nighttime, too! 

You can have a night photoshoot session

You can enjoy stargazing and even photographing sky full of stars*
*it depends on the weather

Rooms & Shared Facilities
Single rooms, Japanese tatami rooms. Kitchen, shower rooms, toilets, lounge (1,000yen is charged for lounge use in a large group)
Rates per night, per person
Single room
5,000 yen + tax
Japanese tatami room
Sleeps 1: 5,000yen + tax (child 2,500yen + tax)
Sleeps 2: 4,000yen + tax (child 2,000yen + tax)
Sleeps 3: 3,500yen + tax (child 1,700yen + tax)
Under 3 years: Free
Dinner at the cafe: 2,000yen
Breakfast: Japanese syle 1,000yen, Western style 600yen
Reservation required
Rental bathtowel: 200yen
Face towel: 100yen
Toothbrush & toothpaste: 100yen
Laundromat: 200yen
Refrigerator, cooking stove, oven toaster, rice cooker, cutlery, other kitchen appliances

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For booking and inquiries, please contact us.