Muro Dam, Nabari River, and Uda River Infrastructure Tourism Course Test Ride

Aiming for Effective Utilization of Rich Natural Scenery and Tourism Resources

What is infrastructure tourism?

In recent years, “infrastructure tourism,” which is sightseeing of infrastructure facilities such as dams, bridges, ports, and historical facilities, has been attracting attention, and infrastructure tours are being conducted all over the country.

The attraction of infrastructure tourism is that you can “enjoy the dynamic scenery of huge constructions” and “enjoy extraordinary experiences by observing and learning about infrastructure facilities that are not normally accessible.” Another attraction is that you can enjoy sightseeing resources around the infrastructure facilities.

Overview of the infrastructure tourism test ride course

This time, we aimed to conduct infrastructure tourism set in the Murou Dam, the Nabari River, and the Uda River. We ran a cycling course for the purpose of “discovering attractive spots and landscapes in the surrounding area!”

Route Nabari Station = Pan Road = Fruitland Nangoku = Michi-no-Eki Udaji Murou = Ono-ji Temple (Buddha Magai) = Murou Dam
Distance 14.6 km (9 miles)
Elevation gain 226 m
Date October 22, 2022
Participants 19 people

Enjoying a Calm Rural Scenery

Starting from Nabari Station, a calm rural scenery spreads out to the Fruitland Nangoku area, one of the rest points on this course.

You might unconsciously mutter, “Oh…Super countryside.”

However, the road is flat and easy to run, and on sunny days in spring and autumn, you can enjoy cycling in a very pleasant mood.
There is also a section where Kintetsu trains run side by side, and it is also recommended for railway enthusiasts (photographers).

Rice fields Rice fields and a train

The Old Townscape of the Hase Kaido along the Uda River

The Hase Kaido Road is said to have been used by many visitors on their way from Nara to Ise in the ancient time.

Although the road is very narrow, you can feel the flow of the river, and the retro atmosphere makes you feel nostalgic♪

Cycling in the countryside Rural Japan

Take a Break at Rest Points (Pan Road and Fruitland Nangoku)

Around the end of the rural scenery, take a little break!

There are “Pan Road ” and “Fruitland Nangoku ” as the rest points.

Pan Road is a bakery that uses wheat with natural yeast, and you can find various freshly baked bread depending on the timing. It’s a very popular shop with locals (^^)/

Fruitland Nangoku is popular for its fresh juices made from seasonal fruits, which are perfect for replenishing sugar.

From here, the uphill continues to the course’s goal point, the Murou Dam!

How about taking a break with some freshly baked bread or fresh juice to do our best!

Pan Road
Pan Road
Fruitland Nangoku
Fruitland Nangoku

The Second Rest Point (Michi-no-Eki Udaji Murou)

This is the second resting spot when you get a little tired on the uphill♪

There is “Michi-no-Eki Udaji Murou ” as a resting point where you can have an authentic meal and take a restroom break.

One more effort to the goal!!

Michi-no-eki Udaji Murou

Michi-no-eki Udaji Murou

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

After taking a break at Fruitland Nangoku, we will continue to climb the slopes toward the course’s finish point, Murou Dam. On the way to the Murou dam, you can enjoy the beautiful flow of the Uda River and the beautiful scenery of the mountains and feel nature with your eyes, nose, and ears.(^^)v

Cycling The Uda River

Murou Dam (The Goal of the Test Ride Course)

We’ve come this far while feeling the beauty of the rivers and mountains, and finally, we’ve arrived at the Murou Dam, the goal point of this infrastructure tourism test ride course and the biggest attraction of infrastructure tourism.
The beauty of Murou Dam is “the dynamic scenery of nature and huge structures.”

You can enjoy various scenery from season to season.

The uphill before arriving at the dam is quite tough, but you can get a sense of accomplishment!

Near Murou Dam Murou Dam

Cycling members at Murou Dam Murou Dam

Bonus Stage (Ryuchin Falls)

We took a short trip from the infrastructure tourism test ride course and stopped at Ryujin Falls, a famous power spot in the local area. The cool cobalt-blue waterfall basin and the clear mountain air made me refreshed and revitalized.

Ryuchin Falls Ryuchin Falls

Proposing More Attractive Infrastructure Tourism Cycling Courses

Based on the results of this test run, we would like to add more attractive spots around the course and propose it as an infrastructure tourism cycling course that is more attractive, enjoyable, safe, and secure.

Infrastructure tour ism map